Series: Contemporary Issues

Description: Contemporary Issues Christian perspectives on current events and societal trends

Hiding in Plain Sight

Dr. Derek Carlsen

It is common today for people to discredit and therefore ignore ideas or information by giving either the information content or the information provider a derogatory name. For example, if a person levels a valid criticism against the nation of Israel, the substance of the criticism can be ignored by labeling the person anti-Semitic. People are afraid to ask certain questions or make certain points because they could be labeled as racist or some kind of phobic. Name-calling is very often used as a means to side-step information or arguments that are too uncomfortable to deal with.

Reverse Psychology

It is assumed by many, that if they fling the ‘racism’ accusation out first, then they themselves are not racists. However, this trick is as old as mankind, namely, accusing someone else of doing or being the very thing that you are or are doing. For example, people who are acting like fascists calling their opponents fascists.

Conspiracy Theory

The phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ is used with great effect to silence people and stop them from asking awkward questions. People are as afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist as they are of being called a racist. But why wouldn’t conspirators mock the idea that conspiracies exist in order to prevent people from digging for more satisfactory answers, i.e., the truth?  


Anyone, for example, who doesn’t accept the official report on the JFK assassination is regarded as a conspiracy weirdo. Oliver Stone, in his 1991 movie, JFK, drew attention to the fact that the official report was way out-of-sync with the actual bullet damage that was inflicted upon the vehicle and its occupants. There was a conspiracy to murder the President of the United States and there was a conspiracy to cover up the truth and the conspirators planned to mock the suggestion that there was a conspiracy, calling it a “conspiracy theory.”

Trauma Block Out

Most Americans accept the official report about JFK and brush off any questioning of the report as nothing more than dumb conspiracy theories because the alternative is inconceivable. You see, if the official government report is a coverup, then it means that high level government officials were involved in the conspiracy to murder the President. The trauma of this possibility, for most people, is so great that they choose to rather block out the innumerable inconsistencies in the report by saying that those who raise these inconsistencies are mad conspiracy theorists.

Building Seven

Even more disturbing than the JFK saga is the official explanation about the collapse of Building Seven in the World Trade Center complex. After the North and South Towers had disintegrated into powder on September 11th 2001, a forty-seven-story structure, known as Building Seven, then also collapsed at freefall speed. The official report stating why and how this collapse occurred is contradicted by film footage of the collapse captured from multiple different angles, as well as by the testimony of over 3,400 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Their Many Lies

Until we realize and accept the fact that our government has and does lie to us, then we will not investigate any official narrative and if we don’t investigate official narratives, we will never know how much we are being lied to, or why.

Ignorance is not Bliss

Real freedom and liberty are inseparable from truth because it is the truth that makes us free. Lies are intended to deceive and the goal of deception is enslavement. Once we are alerted to the history and magnitude of the government’s lies, we are able to advance the cause of freedom by wielding the truth. It’s not possible to counter lies if we do not know we are being lied to and if we don’t know we are being lied to, then we will not ask why we are being lied to and not asking this, is proof that we are enslaved. Ignorance is not bliss; it is laziness, cowardice and stupidity. 

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